Monday, July 21, 2014

What would you say to $2000 worth of software for $150/year?

Microsoft Office365 will give you $2000 worth of Office licenses for $150/year. 

With their Small business Microsoft Office 365 premium plan you pay no upfront licensing costs, $150/year and get 5 copies of Office 2013 pro (or whatever the current version of Office is).  You also get 1TB of storage for files, and a 50GB mailbox with full calendaring, web mail, mobile mail and outlook support.  You get the equivalent of GoToMeeting in a professional web meeting format, with audio, video, screen sharing and session recordings (Lync).  You get secure instant messaging.  You get online web versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.  It works in IE, in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  It works with your full Outlook, or with third party email clients.  For $150.   You get your OWN email domain with your own domain name. You get sharepoint online for internal communications. You get a website in the cloud if you don't already have one.  All bundled into ONE product at a ridiculously low price.  To put this in perspective for the full retail cost of 5 copies of office professional 2013 you could instead get all of this for the next 13 years and 4 months.  And that's not even counting the mailbox and mail, the web enabled versions, the 1TB of storage or the 50GB mailbox.  Did I mention all your mail will be virus and spam filtered?  No? Well it will be.

Seriously if you use Office AT ALL this is a no brainer deployment.  Don't need more than the 5 copies of office?  You can mix and match with $60/year mailbox and web only accounts.  Over 25 mailboxes - the same thing is $15/month/mailbox for midsize businesses (though midsize business doesn't have a mix and match option).. 

Need even more flexibility for licensing and email options for $20/month/mailbox you can mix and match enterprise plans that range from $2/month for limited email only to the full $20/month for Office365 Premium.

Contact OS-Cubed today to learn about how to get Office365.  I seriously want to save you tons of money, and we are experts at deployment/conversion.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Microsoft License Compliance....

If you are like many small business customers you probably have wondered - am I in license compliance with Microsoft?  Do I legally own all the software I am using?  If you are NOT wondering these things - you should.  One of my clients got an audit notice the other day from Microsoft requesting that they update them on Microsoft licensing status.  Fortunately this client was good to go - they'd been aggressively being sure that all their machines were compliant, and all we had to do was document some OEM licenses and send a report on to Microsoft for the rest.  But not everyone is in that boat.  One company came to me after they'd received that audit notice in the mail - they had 6 licenses for Microsoft office - and 26 installs.  Not good. Turned out 5 of them were OEM, so that was ok - but the other 16 licenses were illegal.  Bringing them into compliance represented a one time purchase of 16 licenses for Office Professional.  Not an inexpensive day for them at nearly $8000.  The problem with post-install compliance is that you have to retroactively buy the licenses for the most current version of the software (Because you typically can't buy say office 2010 once office 2013 has been released) and you must buy the downgradeable Software Assurance licenses - the most expensive way of upgrading Microsoft has.  There are lots of options but it's almost always better to assess and upgrade or become compliant BEFORE Microsoft Audits you.

So how do you assess your risk?  Fortunately Microsoft has a standalone tool (That's right it does NOT phone home and tattle on you about your licenses) that will assess your Windows Active Directory network and tell you exactly what licenses you have, and which machines or operating systems can be upgraded. It also helps you plan out several scenarios for virtualizing or moving to a private or public cloud install for your existing infrastructure.  The product is called MAPS - Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit and you can download it here.

We use MAPS when planning out office365 migrations to assess the number of office licenses a client might need, versions we're migrating from, etc. 

MAPS is self installing and self contained - you can run it on any server or workstation in your network.  If you need help planning a migration, assistance with becoming compliant, or help in assessing your systems for upgrades or licensing, please give us a call.

Friday, April 25, 2014

It's that time of year again - FIRST Robotics in St. Louis - Penfield Robotics

FIRST Robotics Team 1511 is again competing in St. Louis.  This year the local news caught one of our drive team members as they were entering the field:

(Look for the Red Camo).

You can watch the team compete on the the NASA TV channel on the Newton field.

Monday, March 10, 2014

OS-Cubed, Inc. Announces Microsoft Silver Partner and Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Status

Rochester, NY, USA— February 24, 2014 — OS-Cubed, Inc., today announced it has qualified as a member of the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate program by demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft’s customers evolving needs in today’s dynamic cloud marketplace. To qualify for the Cloud Accelerate program, partners must successfully demonstrate their cloud services expertise through rigorous sales and technical assessments; and ensure the highest quality of services, Microsoft requires customer references to demonstrate successful customer implementations and satisfaction.  OS-Cubed, Inc. is also a Microsoft Silver Competency qualified partner.

OS-Cubed, Inc. formed in 2006, is a development and managed support services company specializing in Microsoft technology based software and infrastructure.  The company provides services to a wide variety of clients across the region and the country.  With dozens of company’s email and cloud services under management – Microsoft has recognized OS-Cubed’s expertise as one of a select few who provide services at the highest level.  Approximately 1000 resellers in the entire world qualify as Cloud Accelerate partners.

 “Joining the Cloud Accelerate Program showcases our expertise in today’s cloud technology market and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft’s Cloud solutions,” said Lee Drake, CEO.  “Our clients expect the best support, and the smoothest migration when they move their email infrastructure to the cloud, and OS-Cubed, Inc. has provided that from the very inception of the program – even participating in the beta release of Microsoft Cloud Technologies”.

“Converting to Office365 and cloud technology from our old e-mail platform was one of the smartest decisions we’ve made as a medical practice.” said Laurie Amico, office manager for AAIR, PC. - an OS-Cubed customer.  “We rely heavily on e-mail communication for our growing practice of 5 offices, 10 providers and 70 staff members.  We have close to 100 e-mail accounts and I needed a more efficient, cost effective way to be able to manage that and add new accounts quickly.   The transition went smoothly and the platform is everything OS-Cubed said and more!”
Microsoft Silver Competency partner OS-Cubed, Inc, located at 274 N. Goodman St, Suite A401 in Rochester, NY provides development and technical support services for clients across the US.  In addition, they are experts at development for DotNetNuke, an open source, Microsoft technology based web content management platform.  Among the hundreds of sites under development by OS-Cubed are,, and OS-Cubed recently completed major migrations of email  and files for companies such as Allergy, Asthma, Immunology of Rochester (AAIR), and ATD Precision.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why estimates aren't free - A Prezi presentation


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