Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 10 programmer annoyances

I stumbled across this blog post about the top 10 things that annoy programmers. I loved the post, and won't elaborate on it beyond recommending you go visit it because it's both funny and true!  Thanks to twitter friend William Gail for the tip - a good dude to follow for interesting news.

Friday, March 5, 2010

FIRST Robotics regional competitions

Imagine a sport where the participants put more hours in practicing in six weeks than other sports do in a whole year - and then they practice all year too! Imagine a sport where there is around a 1-2 ratio between coaches and participants. Imagine a sport where EVERY SINGLE participant can go pro, and get a job helping their country and their company build the devices and software needed to keep us competitive in the world economy. Imagine a sport that gives every participante the opportunity to learn leadership, gracious professionalism, coopetition, good values, and an excellent work ethic. Now imagine that sport had only one competition a year in your area - wouldn't you want to go!? PLEASE come cheer on the hard working kids at your local FIRST ROBOTICS competition. It's just one day out of your life - it's countless hours out of theirs and their mentors. It's free and in Rochester it's at the RIT Gordon Field house TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY!