Friday, September 25, 2009

Recent news and Career Fairs

I recently posted to with recent entrepreneurial news for Rochester, check it out. Also yesterday I was a participant in a Digital Rochester Career Fair, as a potential employer. I have 3 job openings coming up in October, and was at the fair looking for candidates. Let me say that for the most part I was impressed with the talent available, even if some of them weren't the right fit for my immediate requirements. I did notice a few mistakes though, so as I was chatting with potential employees I came up with some tips, which I tweeted on my @LeeDrake account. For convenience sake I thought I'd collect them all here for future reference. Since there are 10 of them I'll do them in true David Letterman Top 10 style:
  • Tip 10: I have a pile of 30 resumes on my desk, they all took my card. 2 people followed up with an email, ONE person linked in, no one called. They all wanted jobs. If you don't follow up - you won't get the job - guaranteed.
  • Tip 9: Recruiters want to know you are SERIOUS about wanting a job with their company. SERIOUS. Show it. Prove to them that what you have to offer their company is enthusiasm, skills, and follow-through. The interview and career fair process is a test you MUST pass to get to the next level.
  • Tip 8: If I asked you to send me your resume electronically send it in the mail the next day, preferably that night! No one wants to scan in paper resumes when they can be emailed. Electronic is so much easier to organize.
  • Tip 7: If you really want a job with me and I gave you my card and invited you to link in send me a request asap! Even if I don't have a job - if we're linked in I can refer you to someone who does. Never turn down an opportunity to link in to a potential employer.
  • Not a tip, but an observation: Somebody came up to me at the career fair today to thank me for all the things I do for the Rochester area. He didn't want a job, or at least not from me - didn't give me his resume or contact info. He just wanted to thank me. Believe me - that guy I'll remember.
  • Tip 6: if you aren't a fit don't try to make yourself one, just thank me or ask for a referral and move on. Take the time to read my postings. Ask me what I want before you launch into what you do.
  • Tip 5: While I'm happy to chat with you about all sorts of things if there's no one waiting, please share if there's a line. It's definitely ok to chat and get to know the recruiter, it's definitely not ok to make 25 other people wait in line while you do it.
  • Tip 4: Putting a plastic sleeve on your resume not only won't make hiring you any more likely it also prevents me from writing notes on your resume about where you might fit in. This isn't high school. A one page resume and/or 2 pages stapled together are fine.
  • Tip 3: If you are bringing a resume to a career fair and its more than 2 pages, staple it and put name and contact on both pages. Sometimes that pile falls over - do you really want your pages mixed with everyone elses?
  • Tip 2: If the recruiter is talking to someone else - DON'T INTERRUPT THEM. EVER!
  • And the #1 Job hunting tip if you are attending a career fair brush your teeth or have a mint before hitting the tables. There is no excuse for bad breath or BO at any time - but if you're looking for a job that is the WORST time for you to have these issues.