Monday, October 25, 2010

CFO Rising conference - 2010

I'm attending the CFO Rising conference in Las Vegas this week.  As you'll remember I attended CFO Core Concerns in Baltimore earlier this year and the CFO Magazine organizers kindly invited me back for another conference.  I'll be tweeting throughout the day on under the tag #CFORISING, as well as blogging once a day on this blog.

The CFO Core Concerns conference is a fascinating one.  CFO's have unique challenges to consider both locally and globally.  The CFOs at the conference include a wide variety of industries and fields, so there are many different types of companies here.  I met a company who has consolidated over 50 logistics companies under one banner, a company who is investigating new ways to deliver online educational content, a company who manufactures tilling and planting farming equipment, a global securities advisor, and many other companies.  Josh Bouk from Veramark in Rochester is also here.

Today's conference topics and sessions I'll be attending include a number of more global concerns:

After the initial welcome message from CFO Magazine we'll be hearing from:
  • Professor Raghuram Rajan - former Chief Economist of the Monetary fund on the fault lines and cracks in the world economy that continue to represent a threat to global stability in the financial markets.
  • Edgar Ancona CFO of HSBC North America on the changing banking landscape and how that affects the global economy
I'll then be attending 3 breakout events:
  • The cloud and the CFO - How SaaS can help finance achieve it's highest priority. by Mark Blumenthal CFO of Aon Consulting and Ken Brooks of Host analytics
  • Secrets to software procurement - how to master the process and avoid the pitfalls - by Randy Roth of Corporate Contracts
  • Smart Growth The keys to managing risk and building an enduring business, by author Edward Hess Professor of business administration at the Darden Grad school of business in Virginia
Following that a vendor reception and networking event.  Be sure to watch the blog, and this space for an end-of day wrap up of the event information.