Thursday, December 22, 2011

A shameless plug - OS-Cubed, and what we do

Just in case there are any questions: OS-Cubed, Inc. develops software, every kind and flavor of application as long as it's based on Microsoft technologies.  We prefer to adapt existing software to building it from scratch but we have the ability to build almost anything you can imagine.  We build content managed websites - large and small for big businesses and small businesses, everything from simple brochure sites, to ecommerce, to multinational b2b marketing systems. 
We also provide technical support for Microsoft (and increasingly Apple and Android) based office and industrial systems, including servers, sharepoint, exchange, etc. 

We provide consulting services to software development departments within large companies, helping them focus on strategic initiatives and building a well rounded team with an awesome culture - like we have. 

We provide cloud based email and services - both self hosted and Microsoft/Gmail.  We host Microsoft/MS-SQL based websites, host our own email and DNS, on our own servers using our own software.  We make the coolest stuff you can imagine, but aren't so proud that we won't work on your mundane Access database or web based report.  We are a great bunch of guys and gals that will work hard.  When the phone rings at the office a human being answers it.  We give you our cell numbers.  We have an online service system so that you can track every single ticket and project right down to the 15 minute increment - nothing hidden.

We need business.  We need projects.  We need referrals.  Please consider hiring us, or referring us to someone who will.