Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you a terraformer?

Outside the hotel gates Occasionally something from a local college crosses my desk and I can't help but crow about it to everyone.  We are blessed to have a number of great schools in Rochester, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) leads the pack in terms of software development.  All of my technical employees are RIT graduates.   RIT - recently selected as being one of the top ten schools for Online Game Development - has a fantastic professor of marketing and interactive media - Dr. Neil Hair.  His blog features some of the cutting edge courses that today's kids in online marketing are taking, as well as excellent advice on marketing in today's world.  I always pay close attention to what Dr. Hair is teaching - because that's typically where marketing is headed, not where it's been.

Dr. Hair's recent article on Commercializing Virtual Worlds Online is a first of it's kind course anywhere.  Taught entirely online, and featuring online commercial opportunities, it's a way for kids to learn about how to analyze business models, create markets, engage customers, and create a new business - all online. 

When building your software, concludes the article, you shouldn't ignore the vast marketing potential raised by incorporating virtual online worlds into it's every day existence.  You can read more on Neil's blog, and look at some of the other great articles to see what tomorrow's kids are learning today.  Are you considering virtual markets in your business plan?  Should you?