Monday, July 21, 2014

What would you say to $2000 worth of software for $150/year?

Microsoft Office365 will give you $2000 worth of Office licenses for $150/year. 

With their Small business Microsoft Office 365 premium plan you pay no upfront licensing costs, $150/year and get 5 copies of Office 2013 pro (or whatever the current version of Office is).  You also get 1TB of storage for files, and a 50GB mailbox with full calendaring, web mail, mobile mail and outlook support.  You get the equivalent of GoToMeeting in a professional web meeting format, with audio, video, screen sharing and session recordings (Lync).  You get secure instant messaging.  You get online web versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.  It works in IE, in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  It works with your full Outlook, or with third party email clients.  For $150.   You get your OWN email domain with your own domain name. You get sharepoint online for internal communications. You get a website in the cloud if you don't already have one.  All bundled into ONE product at a ridiculously low price.  To put this in perspective for the full retail cost of 5 copies of office professional 2013 you could instead get all of this for the next 13 years and 4 months.  And that's not even counting the mailbox and mail, the web enabled versions, the 1TB of storage or the 50GB mailbox.  Did I mention all your mail will be virus and spam filtered?  No? Well it will be.

Seriously if you use Office AT ALL this is a no brainer deployment.  Don't need more than the 5 copies of office?  You can mix and match with $60/year mailbox and web only accounts.  Over 25 mailboxes - the same thing is $15/month/mailbox for midsize businesses (though midsize business doesn't have a mix and match option).. 

Need even more flexibility for licensing and email options for $20/month/mailbox you can mix and match enterprise plans that range from $2/month for limited email only to the full $20/month for Office365 Premium.

Contact OS-Cubed today to learn about how to get Office365.  I seriously want to save you tons of money, and we are experts at deployment/conversion.