Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An agile programmer team room

I've been reading and admiring the quick article on about building an Agile Programming team room. While we have many of the same elements in our development environment there are many ideas here that I'd love to steal er borrow :)

I was surprised by how much their offices look like ours. We also have an open floor plan, tons of natural light, dual monitors at every workdesk, lots of available whiteboard space. One of the things I loved about their space is the overall storyboard with colored cards, and the weekly iteration rollover plan. Very nicely laid out.

Agile or XP is a methodology frequently used in early stage (and some late state) startups to rollout product effectively, iteratively, and with stable solid builds. The idea is to rollout stable usable versions of the application almost weekly. OS-Cubed's methodology definitely adopts many of the great ideas of XP, but we're always learning new things about how best to develop software.

I'm going to challenge my programming team to take a look at this and see what elements they feel might help them keep on track and develop better software. Thanks to William Pietri for revealing some of their "inner geek"...