Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DotNetNuke Corporation gets Series A financing

According to CMS Reports DotNetNuke Corporation whose principals are the progenitors of DotNetNuke, the open source platform that OS-Cubed does much of it's customer facing web development on, has acquired Series A Financing from August Capital and Sierra Ventures. Sierra originally invested in companies such as Symantec, Cisco, and Barnes and Nobles. August has invested in more recent start-ups such as Splunk and eBates.

"This initial funding comes at a key juncture for DotNetNuke Corporation, as the use of DotNetNuke continues to accelerate and we must scale to meet the needs of our rapidly growing community and ecosystem," said Shaun Walker, Chief Architect of DotNetNuke Corporation and original creator of DotNetNuke. "With an impressive track record of growing early stage companies into market leaders, August Capital and Sierra Ventures represent valuable partners and resources for DotNetNuke Corporation. We look forward to working closely with these firms to build on our past success and strengthen our position in the Microsoft ecosystem."

At the same time DotNetNuke Corporation announced that they will be releasing a "professional edition" of DNN 4.9 which will come with technical support and official bug-release level backing of the company. In keeping with the spirit of the open source development model, the core elements of the commercial distribution will continue to be licensed under the permissive BSD open source license and the company will work continuously to provide new innovation and increased value in the free, open source core product.

OS-Cubed looks forward to exploring just what this means for the future of DotNetNuke, and are excited to see the product move into the professional arena. We congratulate Shaun and the other DNN inventors on their success, and hope that same success extends to our clients who continue to use and create awesome software on the DNN platform.

As an amusing sidenote, the blogger suggestion for correcting the spelling of DotNetNuke is "Detonating" :)